About Us

We set ourselves apart by being a 100% Mexican company. In recent years we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the Americas and have expanded our presence to Europe, Oceania and Asia.

We are internationally recognized for our expertise in the manufacture of plastic articles using the most advanced technology. We offer a wide range of innovative products featuring a line of cleaning tools and disposable cutlery.

Mission & Vision


We strive to develop, manufacture, and market plastic products of the highest quality for the sustained growth of our company as well as the development and welfare of our employees, business partners and shareholders.


We envision consolidation as a global company in our industry; to be noted for innovation and quality of products and services through constant reinvestment in technology and support for our human capital.

Our History

Our history dates back to 1949, when the visionary Rodolfo R.T. and Ernesto H. acquired Carcal Plastic, with his main objective of being the most competitive in the plastic manufacturing industry. His legacy, passion for Carcal, and ideology has transcended three generations.

In 1990 Carcal Plastic, looking to break into new markets, began to export to the US, Central America and Colombia.

In order to meet the demands of these markets, it was necessary to modernize the company, starting with the automation and robotization of Carcal’s production processes. As of that moment, Carcal Plastic has been growing and reaching goals by leaps and bounds:

2010: A new insertion plant was opened, which has enabled us to manufacture products that consistently exceed final customer expectations.

2012: A new distribution center that accommodates 2,200 pallets was opened.

2016: Achievements and strategic developments:

Development of a new plant in the "Querétaro 2000" industrial park. This complex stands out in Latin America for its modern and avant-garde facilities. Our factory will receive LEED certification.

Note that we currently have a presence in 24 different countries and approximately 80% of our production is automated.

Some of our business partners

Global Presence